palaeo, painting, sauropods, dryosaurs, ornithopods, jurassic, giraffatitan, barosaurus, dicraeosaurus, kentrosaurus, elphrosaurus


Some of the dinosaurs Tendaguru formation gather in the most naturalistic way I could make them.

The little black and white ones are Dryosaurus, the spikey one Kentrosaurus, the long-necked ones on the left some sort of Barosaur (possibly)*, foreground long-neck are Giraffatitan, and behind them in the distance, Dicraeosaurus. In the foreground is the strange theropod Elaphrosaurus.

This painting shares similarities with another painting I did of some sauropods, but this one actually came first.

*This is based on a painting I did in 1998, so it includes animals that have changed taxanomic status somewhat.

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